Friday October 19, 2018

Pink Day

Pink Day is on Nov 1st.  We are raising money for CASHH, Cancer Assistance Services Halton Hills and our goal is $15,000.  The fee for this year is $20.00, this included your pink day t-shirt, buy in to the games and lunch.  Please pay cash on line starting on Oct 23rd.  Please bring in your receipts and t-shirts can be picked up at the ticket booth over lunch hours.

Intramural Soccer

If you are interested in playing Intramural soccer in the mornings or after school, Please come down to the Phys Ed Office and grab a permission form from Mr. Orsini.

Quebec Trip

This announcement is for all students taking extended French, as well as students in grade 10, 11 and 12 core French in either semester.  We are running our trip to Saint Donat, Quebec again this year.  This trip is an opportunity for all students to practice their French language skills while doing thinks like skiing and snowboarding.  We finally received news that we received our grant, all that’s left to do is register by Friday of this week! If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your french teacher for further information! Bon Voyage!

Sr Boy’s Hockey

There will be a team meeting on your lunch outside the Phys. ED office.  All Sr. Boys Hockey players,  there is a 5 min team meeting outside of Phys. Ed on your lunch.

Sr. Boys Basketball

Anyone interested in  trying out for the Senior Boys Basketball team.  The first tryout will be on Monday morning at 7:00 am in Gym A & B.

Scholarship Information

The Horatio Alger Scholarship rewards students who possess the character to overcome adversity and succeed in life. This scholarship aims to help students overcome financial barriers to pursue higher education. Any grade 12’s who are interested in applying to this scholarship, the deadline to apply directly is October 25th. Please apply through the link sent through Remind 101 or come to Student Services for more info.

The Loran Scholars Foundation Scholarship is seeking a student who has demonstrated integrity, courage, grit, personal autonomy, a commitment to serving others and overall potential to be a leader. This candidate must have an overall cumulative average of 85%. If you believe that you fit this description, the deadline to apply through Student Services is Oct 10th. You may also apply directly by October 24th by going to the link provided through Remind 101. If you have any questions, come to Student Services for more info