25 April 2018


Congratulations to members of the CtK choir who performed the National Anthems on the field at the Blue Jays game last night.  As a part of a very emotional ceremony honouring the victims and first responders of Monday’s tragic events in Toronto, you  not only performed beautifully, but represented the CtK community with respectful reverence and pride.  Congratulations!  Take the night off.  Rehearsal is cancelled tonight.


Important reminder to any grade 12s who are currently enrolled in courses outside of regular day school (this includes e-learning, night school, Virtual High School, Edu Travel or any other alternative programs)  you must ensure that these courses appear on your Ontario University Applications Centre account and/or your Ontario Colleges account.  If they do not show up on your list of current or completed courses, please come to Student Services and let your counsellor know.  In order to ensure that colleges and universities receive the correct information needed for your programs, students should log onto their account regularly check that all courses and transferred marks are accurate.  Failure to do so could affect your offer.


There is an International Club meeting this week – today, Wednesday April 25th, after school in room 207.  Come on out and let’s get ready for CtK’s Culture Day together and learn about the world at the same time!  See you there!


The Freeman’s of Wellington Masonic District are offering several bursaries for $500 to students graduating this June, who are planning to attend a university or college in the Fall, and who have a financial need.  If you would like to apply for this bursary, please come to Student Services for more information.

The Kelso Industrial Group Scholarship:  $1000 is awarded annually to one grade 12 in Ontario who can most effectively answer the following question through an essay;  What can we build today that will contribute to Canada’s growth for the next 30+ years?  If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, come to Student Services for more information about rules and how to apply.


Summer School registration is now open to all students.  If you are considering taking a summer school course, an online course, a Dual Credit, Co-Op, or Edu Travel, come to Student Services to get a list of courses being offered.  Please note, the deadlines to register for each course vary and spots can fill up quickly so register early to avoid disappointment.


The Team Unbreakable 5K run for mental health is fast approaching on May 12, 2018.  All runners MUST hand in their waivers today or tomorrow and pay the fee on school cashonline to be able to be part of this amazing event.  See you afterschool today and tomorrow in room 102.


Tennis tryouts begin this Thursday, April 26th,  at the Gellert Centre Tennis Courts.  Please pick up your medical form outside room 217, and bring back the signed form to be eligible to play.  Please see Mr. Coulas or Mr. Silvello if you have any questions.


The University of Toronto Youth Summer Program offers high school students a glimpse into the life of a university student studying either law or medicine.  You will work with distinguished academic and research professionals, see if these programs are right for you, and experience university at its best.  Come to Student Services for more information about this exciting opportunity.


Are you a grade 12 student who would like to attend the University of Guelph but has not met the program requirements for your degree?  The Guaranteed Admissions Pathway program allows students to upgrade your academic record and work toward getting into the degree program of your choice.  Come to Student Services for more info.


The University of Guelph is organizing a Business Pentathlon on May 10.  High school students from grades 9-12 will work in groups to complete 5 business focused challenges.  This fun and challenging event will test students’ business knowledge, communication and leadership skills.  Come to Student Services for more info.


For any students considering attending a US College, there will be a US College Expo in Toronto on April 28th at the Roy Thompson Hall.  Meet Admissions reps, find out about the application process and which programs are being offered.  If you have inquiries about this event, come to Student Services for more info.


Good luck to the Varsity boys lacrosse team which travels to Loyola for their first league game today.  Teachers, please excuse the players at 11:20 am in order to get their rides to the game.  Thank you