Chaplaincy at CtK is a Ministry of Presence that provides encouragement and support for the faith life of all members of our school community, both students and staff.  The Chaplain strives to bring God’s presence into every aspect of school life and encourages students to discover how God can work through them to build a better world.  If you have questions about your faith, need spiritual support, or just want to chat, please drop by my office on second floor.  Parents as well, are welcome to come and speak with the Chaplain at any time.

Chaplain:  Ms. M. Lozowsky



Prayer and Reflection

“It’s so peaceful here!” This is a common refrain as students walk out of the chapel. Even if you are not big into prayer, you are welcome to stop by and experience the quiet and calm of the chapel.

For those who like formal prayer, group discussion, meditation or scripture study, we have the following options, which are open to all students and staff:

Tuesdays at 2:45 – Lifesong. Ms Adams leads this prayerful reflection and discussion based on Casting Crowns songs. Good music and good company!

Thursdays at 3:15 – Rosary

Meditation – Ms Lozowsky will lead meditation on request from any class.

The Mercy Parables: Lent 2016 within the Year of Mercy – This lunchtime series is being introduced by Mr. McManamy. Bring your lunch to Room 219 and join us in reading and reflecting on Jesus’ parables. Each weekly session is held in Lunch A and B, beginning at 11:10 and 12:55.

Here are the dates: Thurs Feb 11; Tues Feb 16; Wed Feb 24; Tues Mar 1; Wed Mar 9.



In Semester 1, all grade 9 and 10 Religion classes went on a retreat. Semester 2 retreats run from March 23 to April 29. Retreats are a time for experiential learning, for building community, for considering the practical implications of faith in everyday life. Please click HERE to learn more about our Grade 9 Retreat Program.



Bereavement Group

This group provides a safe space for students who’ve experienced the death of a loved one – a parent, sibling, grandparent or other significant person. In special circumstances we also include those who have lost a close friend.

Our Bereavement Group begins the week of February 15, and will be held over the course of 8 weeks. Students benefit from being with others who share and understand their reality. We talk about what to expect when grieving, healthy self-care and other relevant issues. We provide opportunities to discuss, question and do hands on activities. Meeting times will alternate between periods 1, 2 and 4. If you want to be included, please speak to Ms Lozowsky or Guidance.

Please remember that our support staff is available for one on one conversations as well.


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