All textbooks and course materials will be collected from your desk at the beginning of the exam.  Students must return all texts/materials issued by your teacher.  Students who do not have the textbook/course materials or the money/cheque to pay for these school materials will be sent to the Vice-Principal.  Parents will be contacted.  No extra time will be allotted due to this issue. Students who still have outstanding text/materials after exams will not receive their Semester 1 report cards AND will not be issued any textbook/materials for Semester 2 courses until all outstanding items are returned or payment has been received.


If buses are cancelled or the school is closed, students will be notified on the local radio stations, news, and website.  If this occurs exams will be written on the next school day and the remaining exam schedule will be moved back one day.  This means that if the buses are cancelled on a Tuesday, the Tuesday exams will be written on Wednesday, the Wednesday exams on Thursday, etc…

Any student with a conflict must report the conflict to Mrs. Ellison, Vice Principal, immediately.


If a student is absent due to illness, the parents/guardians must phone the school by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the examination.  A medical certificate is required by the end of the next school day.  The examination will be rescheduled upon receipt of a doctor’s certificate.  Absences not substantiated by a medical certificate or not authorized by the school will result in a mark of “0”.


The examination days are civvies days.  Our usual policy is in effect; proper attire is required.  Tank tops/halter tops, midriff or crop tops, tight clothing and pajama-type clothing are NOT ALLOWED.  As per our usual policy for uniform or civvies days, HATS ARE NEVER WORN AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY IN THE BUILDING.  Students not dressed appropriately will be sent to the Vice-Principal.



Buses will arrive at school at the usual time and depart at usual time.


  • Students who are not scheduled to write an examination are not required to be in school. However, students who are in school and not writing an examination MUST be in the Cafeteria or Library.
  • Students are responsible for being at the examination at the proper time and date.
  • Students who arrive late for exams must report to the Attendance Office before proceeding to the examination room. No extra time will be allotted.
  • All paper supplies required to write the examination will be supplied by the teacher. Students are expected to bring their own pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc…These items cannot be borrowed from other students during the exam.
  • Coats, notes, purses, cell phones, pagers or any electronic devices etc… are not allowed in the examination rooms. Leave these items in your lockers.
  • Once the exam is in progress, no students will be allowed to leave the room unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • Students are to avoid asking teachers to interpret exam questions. Any corrections necessary will be announced publicly.
  • Cheating Policy: All instances of cheating are considered serious and will be reported to the Vice-Principal.  Cheating or being in possession of materials that could be used for cheating may result in a mark of “0”.
  • Students may leave an exam after 1 hour, while remaining students may leave when they have finished.

***Students should begin to prepare for examinations NOW***

Develop a reasonable study schedule and follow it.

PREPARE!   PLAN!   ORGANIZE!   STUDY!