Christ the King Policy for Late and Missing Assessments

This policy is to ensure consistency between all teachers and departments in accordance with school policy. It is the expectation of the administration that all staff and students will abide by the policies outlined in this document.

According to the Ministry of Education Code of Conduct- Policy/Program Memorandum No. 128:

Teachers are expected to:

·     Help students work to their full potential and develop a sense of self-worth;

·     Communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents;

Parents fulfill their role when they:

·     Show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress;

·     Communicate regularly with the school

·     Show they are familiar with the school rules

Students demonstrate respect and responsibility when they;

·     Come to school prepared, on time, and ready to learn

·     Follow established rules and takes responsibility for their own actions

Good time management is important to successful achievement.  Therefore, it is the expectation of the teachers and administration of Christ the King that the following rules will be adhered to:

  • All assessment and evaluation activities are due on the assigned date or within the time frame specified by the teacher
  • Some deadlines are absolute, i.e. the teacher needs to submit final grades for reporting by a given date
  • It is never acceptable to hand in work late unless the teacher has agreed to an alternative date [see Late/Missing Assessment Contract]
  • A record of lateness will be kept and reported as part of the Student’s Learning Skills and this will be reflected on the student’s final report card.


1.     Students are expected to be present for all test dates.

2.     If a student is absent for a test, the student may write an alternate test on the day he or she returns to school at the teacher’s discretion.

3.     If a student knows prior to the test date that he/she will be absent (i.e. retreat, athletics, etc.), the student is required to notify the teacher as soon as possible and arrangements will be made for an alternate test date at the teacher’s discretion.

4.      If a student is truant for a test they will be referred to administration.  The teacher documents the infraction and contacts the parent(s)/guardian(s). The student may write an alternate test at the teacher’s discretion.


1.     Assignments assigned in class, and where time is given for completion during class time, are due at the end of class. Where the assignment is not completed the student will be assigned to study hall after school to provide the opportunity for completion. Students will be directed to study hall until the assignment(s) are complete at the discretion of the teacher.  Participation in co-curricular activities will be suspended until the assignment(s) are completed.  Failure to comply will be dealt by administration.

2.     If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, he/she must personally submit the assignment on his/her first day back at school or at the discretion of the teacher.

3.     Should there be extenuating circumstances (i.e. long term illness, funeral etc.), the student’s parent or guardian must notify the school and/or teacher and alternative arrangements will be made.

4.     The Late/Missing Assessment Contract must be completed for ALL late or missing summative and final culminating assessment pieces.

5.     Vacation: all assignments must be submitted prior to leaving, or other arrangements must be in place with the teacher one week prior to departure.

6.     Please be advised that the Late/Missing Assessment Contract is binding at Christ the King C.S.S.  Students who contravene the contract will be referred to administration to determine an appropriate course of action.

7.     Plagiarism is academic dishonesty.  Students are expected to reference properly their sources as failure to do so will result either in the assignment being redone properly or having a mark of zero assigned. Administration must be contacted in instances of plagiarism for summative and cumulative assessment pieces.

N.B.  Mid-term and Final Reporting Periods

If a student has not met the enduring understandings and/or overall curriculum expectations at these times, please leave the mark box blank and type in insufficient evidence for evaluation.  Administration, in partnership with the student, teacher and parent(s)/guardian(s), will subsequently determine an appropriate course of action.