In an address to Catholic students, Pope Francis said that students in Catholic schools need to learn three languages: the language of the head, heart and hands – To know, love and to do.

The Catholic approach to education is a holistic one where the entire person is educated. A quality education extends past skills acquisition and vocational training and seeks to form the entire person by striving to nourish all the gifts God has given a particular student. This is what we endeavour to do here at Christ the King.

An integral part of a Catholic school is its religion program. Not only is the Catholic faith infused into all classes and activities of our school, but the focused study of religion is a rich opportunity for students to explore matters of faith, morality and service. Our religious studies classes are designed to provide a lively and engaging opportunity for students to grow in their Catholic faith and to mature in both ethics and virtue. Our religious studies courses also provides opportunities to learn about other world religions and service to the community. Our chaplaincy leader also works with the religion department to provide opportunities for prayer, reception of the Sacraments and to attend class retreats.

In addition to a dynamic selection of religion courses, our school offers a wide variety of courses in the social sciences and humanities. Courses such as philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, family studies, food and culture and Native studies allow students to develop a deeper appreciation of the human person, the family and Canada’s diverse multi-cultural society. CtK has one of the largest social sciences and humanities departments in the school board and offers a extensive range of classes for students to explore.

We consider it both an honour and privilege to journey with your students as they grow into the young adults God has created them to be.

For more information on the many religion, social sciences and humanities courses offered here at CtK please speak to the Student Services department or contact the department head Mr. A. Bourque.


Mr. Bourque – Department Head