At Christ the King, every effort is made to provide programs and services to support pupils with exceptionalities in the regular class setting.  We believe that pupils with exceptionalities should:

  • Receive appropriate special education programs and services;
  • Have regular opportunities to interact with their peers, to enjoy the life of the school, and to participate in local community activities.

The Special Education Resource Teacher’s (SERT’s) role emphasizes collaboration and peer support for the regular classroom teacher. The resource teacher is responsible for assisting the classroom teacher to develop strategies and activities to support the inclusion of exceptional pupils within the regular classroom.

Teacher List

  • Mrs. N. Coffey – Head of Special Education
  • Mr. A. Lograno – GLE Teacher/SERT
  • Mrs. E. Fearon – GLE Teacher/SERT
  • Mrs. T. Maltby – GLE Teacher/SERT
  • Mr. D. Folia – GLE Teacher/SERT
  • Mrs. S. Comacchio – Special Education Teacher/SERT


Jason Dupont – A Former Student at CTK would like to share a very special message of inclusion with you.


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