Student Services at Christ the King

The role of the Student Service counsellor is threefold: to provide academic, career and personal counselling to CtK students. The objective of Student Services is to support and assist each student in achieving their academic, personal and spiritual potential. The Student Services Department is headed by Ms. Waters.  Other counsellors in Student Services include: Mr. McCloskey, Mrs. Pavanetto, Mrs. Fataar and Mrs. Lauc. Students are assigned to their counsellor by alpha, according to their surname.

Guidance Department Contact Information

Students may make an appointment on-site and are  encouraged to make appointments on their lunch time and spare periods whenever possible. Students are always welcome to browse the resources available in the Student Services Office

Phone number: 905-702-8838

A-DeZ Mrs Fataar Ex 2006
Di-Ha Mrs Waters Ex 2008
He-N Mrs Pavanetto Ex 2011
O-Ts Mrs. Lauc Ex 2007
Tu-Z Mr. McCloskey Ex 2097





Grade 12 Post-Secondary:

Grade 12 Post Secondary PowerPoint 2017