An award is a loosely defined term referring to awards that are neither scholarships nor bursaries. In certain cases awards may be plaques or recognition certificates, while in other cases awards may be pfessional memberships coupled with cash prizes.


Scholarships usually recognize academic excellence, but not always. Some are for community involvement, a specific field of study, for specific talents or hobbies, certain ethnic backgrounds or for groups that your relatives may be part of. In certain cases financial need may be taken into account as a secondary criterion to decide between candidates of approximately equal achievement.


A bursary is an award that is distributed based on financial need. Bursaries may request that applicants meet certain geographical or demographic requirements.

Follow these steps in order to research awards, scholarships and bursaries:

  1. Create an account at and use the website to find awards, scholarships and bursaries directly applicable to you.
  2. Search for scholarships, bursaries and awards on the website of the post-secondary institution that you are applying to. NOTE: If you are planning to apply to University, you can use eINFO to search for scholarships.
  3. Read through the list of awards documented below. These are awards specific to Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School. You can also refer to the awards, scholarships and bursaries binder located in Student Services.