Design, Build, Create and Maintain

Technological education provides students with useful and valuable skills. These skills provide them with the tools that our technology driven world demands. From drill bits to computer bits, students will get hands-on experience with a wide variety of technical possibilities. Safe work practices are learned in all shops and on all equipment.

Technology classes provide immediate skills and prepare our students for post-secondary paths such as trades & apprenticeship, college technology programs and university fields such as engineering. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful careers because of their technical skills.

Technology programs offered at Christ the King include:

  • Communication Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Programming
  • Construction Technology
  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Interior Design
  • Technological Design
  • Transportation Technology

Teacher List

  • Mr. M. Limoges – Construction Technology
  • Mr. R. Pender – Construction Technology, Transportation Technology
  • Mr. K. Pluchowski – Yearbook, Communication Technology, Tech Design
  • Ms. L. Sferlazza – Hairstyling and Aesthetics
  • Mr. M. Silvello – Computer Engineering and Computer Programming
  • Ms. D. Steller – Interior / Tech Design, Hospitality and Tourism
  • Mr. S. Szeideman – Transportation Technology
  • Mr. R. Szostakowski – Communication Technology
  • Ms. T. Tomaro – Hospitality and Tourism