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“I feel that the Canadian people and I did dream together of such loves in challenging times – love for ourselves, love for our country, love for more peace and justice in the world.”  Pierre Elliot Trudeau Memoirs (1993)

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D. Beska    BeskaD@hcdsb.org    ex. 4000

L. Butera    ButeraL@hcdsb.org    ex. 3021

L. Cheal    ChealL@hcdsb.org    ex. 3018

A. De Luca    DeLucaA2@hcdsb.org    ex. 3027

T. de Vries    deVriesT@hcdsb.org    ex. 4005

C. Kehoe    Kehoe@hcdsb.org.    ex. 4003

C. Kennedy    KennedyC@hcdsb.org    ex. 3019

J. Kulenkamp    KulenkampJ@hcdsb.org    ex. 3064

K. McNamara    McNamaraK@hcdsb.org    ex. 2017

C. Montgomery    MontgomeryC@hcdsb.org    ex. 3083

R. Smith    SmithR@hcdsb.org    ex. 3084

T. Stephenson    Stephenson@hcdsb.org    ex. 3070

N. Vander Burgt    VanderBurgtN@hcdsb.org    ex. 3020